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Email Questionnaire
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Unlike other on-line questionnaire systems that make surveys on a hosting web server, Email Questionnaire is totally email based. As long as you can access a SMTP and POP (or IMAP) servers, questionnaires can be sent and responses can be collected immediately. No need to share bandwidth with other users and bear slow access rate. The questionnaires and results are saved securely in your place. You have all control over them.

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Reasons to use Email Questionnaire
No monthly fee. No hidden fee
Unlike other online service providers that charge you by month or the number of replies, you don't have to pay extras.
One model for HTML, PDF and Flash survey
Fully support the email survey in MIME, MHT, HTML, PDF and Flash format in one design. You can enjoy the HTML, PDF and Flash technology now without learning the difficult programming languages or tools.
Simple creation
With our innovative WYSIWYG editor, built-in templates and the questionnaire library, the survey comes out within minutes.
Automated reply retrieval
Replies collection is integrated seamlessly with Microsoft email client. Or get replies directly from your or free gmail’s POP3, IMAP server.
Ability to customize
Use your own logo, template and Thank You page to fit your organization-style.
Score function
Provide an efficient index for surveyor to rate or classify the replies of participants. Get more details
Personalize the survey
The advanced mail merge feature combines the questionnaire with user information instead of "Dear customer".
Real-time report
The report would be updated immediately once a new reply is fetched. The report can be exported into HTML for sharing on your website. Or into PDF for review anywhere, anytime.

 • 30 days Free Trial
 • Version 5.1
 • Jun. 28, 2010
 • 4.25 Megabytes

 • Email client support for
 • Outlook 2003, 2007
 • Outlook Express 6 and above

 • Windows Mail
 • Windows Live Mail
 • Eudora
 • hotmail mail
 • yahoo mail
 • Gmail