Email Questionnaire 5.0 Release Note


Email Questionnaire Release Notes

EQ 5.1 is available now! (6/28/2010)

Feature added:

  1. Integrated with POP3 with SSL.
  2. Integrated with IMAP with SSL.


EQ 5.02 is released! (6/19/2010)

Feature added:

  1. For the large survey, the Flash form will be represented in multiple pages.

Problems fixed:

  1. In Flash form, some specific items can't be selected.
  2. In Flash form, default value of the text field could be overlapped.


EQ 5.01 is released! (6/3/2010)

Feature added:

  1. Flash form can't focus on the selected item after clicking one item in the drop-down List.


EQ 5.0 is released! (5/13/2010)

Feature added:

  1. PDF form and Flash form Support
  2. Window vista and Win7 Ready
  3. Work with windows mail, windows live mail
  4. Reply databases import and export
  5. Export the report to PDF
  6. The filename of the attached questionnaire can be specified.