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Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer..

Smart Difference Algorithm specifically designed for WWW.

Supports the monitoring of many HTML syntaxes including JavaScript, Multiple Frames, HTML Tables and all List items.

Single click action to monitor your favorite web pages.

Powerful HyperDB database for storing unlimited Web page Changes

Embedded History Navigator to browse web page changes.

Highlight the web page changes for easily identification.

Automatically login detection for password protected sites.

Triple-DES to protect your privacy.

Trigger other applications when changes are detected.

Supports mime based E-mail clients. Useful for sending complete HTML changes to your favorite email client tool.

Manually check for web page updates.

Max. 20 tasks per check

Flexible scheduler. Controls the frequency of checks for web page updates.

Intelligent selector tool allows selecting any region of Web Pages for monitoring.

Rule-based Monitor to filter out unimportant changes.

Rule-based Monitor to keep the important changes.

Notify you by SMS when not at your desk

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