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Questionnaire Creation


Tree layout editor makes questionnaire design simple.

Provide built-in questionnaires.

Provide HTML templates.

1 1 30+ 30+

Import HTML template.  


Customization is available 

Modify colour, font, alignment, etc easily.

Conducts personalized questionnaire. 


Score function  Learn more


Reply over web 


Questionnaire Distribution

Evaluation Standard Professional Enterprise

Email based. No need for a WWW server.

Number of recipients allowed for each survey 

10 100 unlimited unlimited

Import email address from Outlook/Outlook Express/Excel/CSV

support Mime standard.

Send questionnaire in PDF format.

Send questionnaire in Flash format.

Send questionnaire in mht format.

Specify the filename of the attached questionnaire.

Direct dispatch via SMTP.  Learn more

Send via Exchange Server.


Send via Lotus Domino Server.


Reply Collection

Evaluation Standard Professional Enterprise

No monthly fee.

Easy use for recipients.

Provide CompressWeb formmail gateway 

100 replies

Collect replies directly from a mail server
ex. POP3 or IMAP.
  Learn more

Collect replies automatically from the existing email clients.

Integrate with Outlook / Outlook Express / Windows Mail / Windows Live Mail / Eudora seamlessly.

Export the survey result to Excel/CSV files.

View individual questionnaire reply in Data View

Insert/Edit individual questionnaire reply in Data View


Score survey responses automatically.


Report Generation

Evaluation Standard Professional Enterprise

Various reports in HTML or PDF, could display the result in bar/pie/line.

Questionnaire Management

Evaluation Standard Professional Enterprise

Reply databases export and import. 

Extend or resend a questionnaire to new recipients anytime.


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